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Pigments for Plastic Industries

August 14, 2018
Plastic Pigment Manufacturers

Pigments are colorants that impart color to materials such as paper and plastics and they are water-and oil-insoluble natural and synthetic products. Pigments and dyes are both different types of colorants, however, majorly pigments are preferred over dyes when it comes to the coloration of plastics there is specific Plastic Pigments, the prime for it being its superior fastness properties.

Industrial use of plastic pigments for coloring plastics include manufacturing of toys, bubble wraps, food packing, most of which require strict adherence to certain industry norms. Plastic Pigments deployed in plastic industry encompasses various categories of compliances like packaging materials, food packaging, plastics directive, Toy safety and many others. When it comes to compliances, Prasad international is very stringent and aligns them with continuous improvement and innovation. This work ethic has earned following compliances for Prasad International right including a range of products REACH compliant Pigment for plastic applications:

   Regulatory compliances    REACH registration
ü BFR Recommendation IX (BGVV) ü Reach Registration – (1907 / 2006)
ü European Resolution AP(89)I ü SVHC Declaration
ü Packaging Waste (EU and CONEG)
ü USA: ASTM – Toys
ü European Toy Norm EN 71-3 :1994
ü FDA status (21CFR178.3297)


Prasad International with close to three decades industry expertise is a major manufacturer and exporter of plastic pigments used for its application. The Plastic pigment is exported as far and wide as USA, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Spain, UK, Dubai and more. Prasad International with its longstanding quality delivery makes it the first choice for many industries when it comes to plastic pigments.

We provide following pigments for plastic industries with REACH compliances:

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