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REACH has hit the European chemical market

June 04, 2018

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Union regulation adopted for human health safety and environment. This regulation addresses the production and chemical substance usage and their potential impacts. REACH will be enforced 1st May 2018 onwards in Europe market.

Application of REACH has a wider base for all chemical substances, not just limited to industrial processes but also for products used day-to-day like cleaning products, paints, clothes, furniture and electrical appliances. This wider application of REACH has a major impact on most of the EU companies.

With the enforcement of REACH companies now have the overhead identifying and managing risks pertaining to their manufactured substances which come under the scanner of REACH. Companies should share their risk management reports to REACH committee for compliance.

The REACH Impact

Implementation of REACH will impact following categories of companies:

  • Chemical manufacturer involved in production and distribution including export.
  • Importers buying from outside of EU/EEA including individual chemicals, mixtures and finished goods like clothes, furniture etc..
  • Companies indirectly involved i.e. using chemical base in their production of their products.
  • REACH impact is only limited to companies within EU even if the company export their products into custom territory of European Union. The registration for REACH compliance is applicable to the importers based in the European Union.

With this context, Prasad International, manufacturer and exporter of organic, inorganic, high performance pigments for plastic, ink, coating, rubber, etc. has got their range of pigments like pigment blue, pigment green, pigment orange, etc. REACH Complaint to leverage this new REACH compliance.

Looking at investment intensive REACH compliance, very few companies in India are considering to be REACH compliant. Owing to this fact, Prasad international has a big opportunity to penetrate European market and fuel their 2018 Goal of market expansion in addition to the 68 countries to which they export.

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