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  • To manage our business responsibly and sensitively to meet the needs of our customers (domestic and international)
  • To strive for continuous improvement in our Quality Management Systems and performance by stringent compliance to ISO 9001-2008 norms & procedures, ensuring growth and profitability through innovation and products and processes of the highest quality.
  • To consistently translate research and development into high quality products, meeting international standards and specifications.
  • To ensure fair trade practices and 100% customer satisfaction.
  • To achieve high quality service.


To be the benchmark in our industry by continuing to be an innovative, dynamic, 'green' and best-in-class pigment manufacturing and export company, at par with international standards, with an enduring ethics and value system.


The foundation of Prasad International was laid on the philosophy of adding value to the customer’s needs; we value our customers and work in a manner that brings us as close as possible to our customers. Our philosophy leads us to achieve customer satisfaction; profit and growth are automatically achieved as by-products of this satisfaction.

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