Pigments for Ink Industries

August 14, 2018
Pigment Ink, Ink Pigment Manufacturers

A Pigment is a dry powder which mixes with water like liquid i.e. Ink to form the requisite color. This Pigment Ink takes the color of the Ink applied color a surface producing an image, text or design depending on the application.

The reason why inks last longer is due to the capability of the pigment particles to bond to edges of the applied surface/medium, enabling it to resist fading over time and lasts longer. Few of the applications of Pigment Ink are Soft Signage, Performance Apparel, Hard Surfaces, Furnishings & Home D├ęcor, and Textiles.

Pigment Ink is characterized by following traits:

  1. Wash fastness, light fastness, and rub fastness
  2. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  3. Vivid and bright non-fading colors
  4. A good washing and water resistance
  5. Printable onto a wide fabrics range


In recent years the growing awareness and hence environment-friendly products and raw materials, ink pigment is no exception. The Ink pigment manufacturers are witnessing and continuously improving to comply with globally increasing regulations. With the advent of REACH compliance enforced into European markets, more strict environmental regulations are increasingly reaching across Asia-Pacific.

Few medium and large-scale Ink pigment manufacturers are bucking up to meet these compliances such as REACH and Swiss Ordinance, MAXAL EC (for powder coating systems) and more to reach international markets. Prasad International, the pacesetter in the pigment industry is ahead of the time and already got its products REACH compliant, few are listed below:

Prasad International being a frontrunner is one of the very few Ink pigment manufacturers to have been exporting pigment as far and wide as USA, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Spain, UK, Dubai and more.

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